I do wish „Gorilla Glue Girl“ (there, I said it) nothing but the best. But the worst idea wasn‘t to spray literal glue on your hair, but it would be to sue the manufacturer for not stating on the bottle not to do so! Especially since they are trying to help you get out of this mess!

Zeige Konversation

But what wipes me the wrong way is that this woman is allegedly waging her options on a lawsuit on the manufacturer, given the bottle said not to put it in eyes or on skin or clothing, but didn‘t mention hair.

*This* is the kind of frivolous lawsuit that ridicules the justice system. *Not* the „McDonalds Coffee Lady“ that received 3rd degree burns on her lap because McD stored their coffee at a dangerous temperature.

Zeige Konversation

Sorry to hear that a woman, out of hairspray, sprayed adhesive on her head. Now of course it won‘t come out.

I don‘t think she deserves ridicule, since she herself talked about it being a „bad, bad, bad idea“. This is a medical case, and the manufacturer of the glue already reached out in support of her to get the glue out of her hair.

I‘m pretty sure she‘ll lose her hair. The glue probably needs some strong solvents that will destroy her hair, just to get it off her head.

TIL that there's not just the Roman Catholic church, but also several other (mostly eastern) Catholic churches associated with Rome, but not calling themselves *Roman* Catholic.

"Die sind immer die anderen" sagt ein Spruch. "Das ist das dauerhafte Getrennt sein von Gott" sagt die Theologie.

an einem Freitag ohne Aussicht, wann das endet, sage ich.


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