Farhad A wrote the following post Sun, 19 Jun 2022 19:35:46 +0200 1982 - “Tell them.”
- “I did. They laughed.”

1992 - Tell them again."
- “I did. They laughed.”

2002 - You must keep telling them."
- “I do tell them, everyday I tell them few will listen”

“They must listen or it will be too late”

- “It is too late.”

2022 - “Is it really still too late?”
- “It’s way past too late. Fewer people are laughing.”

2033 “Why did no one tell us?”
- “Oh we did, many times, many ways. But we have made progress. No one is laughing anymore.”

#GlobalWarming #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCatastrophe #Environment

@harald Yes — but 2022 is not too late for everything. It is too late for some, but we may still be able to prevent civilization collapse.


@ArneBab @harald Not with the path, we are chosing actually.

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@jakob_thoboell note the *may*. I wrote this is 2017: draketo.de/english/politics/ro @harald

That we were not even able to contain the original strain of CoViD 19 destroyed a lot of my trust in our society.

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